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THEATER at Artreach


Sketch Comedy to create Social Change!


The Second Step Players Theater Troupe has been active since 1985. Co-founders Ronna Keil and SJ Williams had a vision for a theater that would both entertain and educate, and that consisted of actors, writers and production personnel who have lived experience with mental health issues.

Now under the leadership of Becca Atkins, Emma Palzere-Rae and Carin Estey, The Second Step Players continues. New scripts are being developed, and the repertoire of early scripts stays in rotation (because we love them, and they're still relevant today).


Stand Up for Mental Health - Connecticut Team at Artreach


In 2010, Artreach joined forces with David Granirer of Vancouver, founder of Stand Up For Mental Health. David's mission is aligned with our own - to develop self-confidence by learning new skills, and then to perform in order to change public perceptions about those who have mental health diagnoses.


Mining our mental health histories and transforming pain into comic gold, Artreach members perform their courageous stand up to inform and entertain.


David has worked with Artreach every year since 2010, developing new comics and helping continuing comics develop new work.

Click here to see the Stand Up for Mental Health website.

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