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Artistic Development Classes


In 2008, Artreach received a Transformation Grant from the CT Department of Mental Health via SAMHSA. It was to create more recovery-based programs. Having been pioneers in the recovery movement, we had to really think about how to up the ante on what we were doing. So we lauched a pilot program in Artistic Development to explore what it would be like to add the concept of quality craft to our mission. We've always said "the process is the product." That is still true - but why not focus on quality product as well? Everybody starts where they are, and grows at their own pace. To really engage in the learning of craft is important for artists of all kinds, and we can all learn and grow. Here are some of the things we offer at Artreach now, on an ongoing bases.

Art Classes



Faith Satterfield, local Mural Artists, (Murals By Faith), is teaching Art classes. The work will be shown in May for Mental Health Month at the Reliance House Gallery in Norwich, CT.

Playwriting with Kato McNickle



Kato McNickle is currently teaching a two hour weekly Play Writing class at Artreach. Kato, who was once on staff here at Artreach, has since gone on to work at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, and is a very active and well respected professional Playwright. We are so excited that she is spending time teaching us to hone our skills. There will be a series of stages readings of these plays, likely in the Fall of 2015.

Songwriting Classes


In 2015, Becca Atkins started teaching Songwriting classes at Artreach. For the past several years, she has been studying songwriting from several angles, including taking many classes through Berklee School of Music's Online school. She is sharing the tools of the trade with a group of Artreach members, who are working collaboratively to develop their songs.


Collaborative songwriting is a great skill that translates into many areas of life - it requires leaving your ego at the door, exploring each others' strengths, and learning "when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em." They are enjoying it so much that the group gets together for a second two hour study group between classes to work together on their songs!

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